Do I need to be home for the installation?

No. We like to have customers home so we can work with you on the specific installation location, but as long as you mark the center of where you would like the tiles installed, or provide us with a specific location, and we have access to a hose bib, you do not need to be home. 

I'm uncomfortable paying for the service ahead of time. Can I pay after installation?

We use Stripe and Paypal, both secure systems with great consumer protection policies, on top of those provided by your credit card if you use that method for payment. If you are still uncomfortable with the online payment, you are free to visit www.bluetileproject.com and order your tiles direct and contact me to schedule an install-only service, where I can accept check or cash upon completion. If you have any questions or other requests, you're welcome to contact us via email or phone any time. 

I want to organize my block to do a group buy - can we get a discount? 

I have set up a really convenient and efficient scheduling and ordering system on my site. It allows you to place your order and schedule your install without me having to do anything other than get your mosaic and show up to do the job. Dealing with group projects requires a lot of my time in administrative work setting up invoices, coordinating with individuals in the group and sending out tons of email and other activities which I don't like to do, and to top it off, I'm expected to throw a discount for the hassle. If you want to do a group project and want a discount, here is how it works:

1) I need a single point of contact (SPOC). 

2) SPOC will provide a list of all orders for the group:

       a) Name

       b) Phone 

       c) Address

       d) Exactly what the tiles will say. 

3) I will schedule the date and time for all installs with the SPOC, put the schedule on my calendar with notifications sent to the individuals. 

4) The SPOC will be sent one invoice for the entire group to be paid in advance. (Yes, you will be responsible for chasing everyone down for payment, and I won't have to spend time putting together a half dozen invoices.) 

5) I will come out and install all of the tiles according to the provided schedule and coordinate with individuals at the time of installation whether in person or via phone to pick the location of the install, find the hose spigot, etc. 


There are some benefits to this method for you, the SPOC and organizer, you get manage the discount: Say I'm being generous and you have a large group and we get to a 12.5 or 15% discount, you can tell everyone there's a 10% discount and reap some rewards for your coordination efforts.   

Why do you need 2 weeks lead time between order and install?

This isn't Amazon. Each address is custom assembled and manufactured in the USA. When you order a '1234 STREET,' your mosaic is put in the manufacturing line and when it's complete it ships to us. We receive the mosaic, ensures it meets quality and format requirements and prepares it for installation. We thought about assembling the tiles in house, but our expertise lies in installation, and that's what we do best. 

I live at 123 and own the houses nextdoor, 119 and 127. If I order a 9 character tile+installation, can you install at all 3 locations?

Please don't. Are you the type person who asks a home builder to build 2 houses on neighboring lot, paying on materials for both, but expecting free labor for the second one?  'Installations' and 'Tiles + Installations' are sold per installation location. If you have multiple installation locations on the same property or neighboring properties, please call or email me with your inquiry before ordering. eric@curbappealblues.com. (713) 296-0656 .

That's too expensive. 

That's not a question. Many things come to mind when this topic comes up: 

1) Compared to what? A Big Mac? Your cable, cell phone, or electricity bill? Box wine or case of Natty Light?What you spend in landscaping each year? The guys painting curbs?


2) If you think hiring a professional is expensive, wait till you hire an amateur. Go ahead, hire someone else. Certainly there's some other qualified person out there with over 100 of these projects worth of experience.

3) Cool, do it yourself... You have one chance to not screw it up. When you're done crawling around on your hands and knees cursing, you can call me to fix it.  We've taken over a couple DIY install projects, and more often than not, the final product ends up looking a bit rougher than typical. 

What utilities do you need to access for the installation (water, electricity, etc)?

All we need is a spigot to hook our hoses up to within 100' of the installation site. Otherwise we are self sufficient. We bring our own hoses, electricity, tools and clean up kit (shovel, broom and trash bucket).

Do I need approval from my HOA?

I don't know. We have not yet run into any known HOA problems. We have installed tile at an HOA Board member's home. Most HOA's mandate that your address # is visible from the street, or must be on the curb or mailbox, most don't state exactly how it must be displayed. This process does not destroy the curb, it maintains the curb's original dimensions, and it does not fully penetrate the curb for purposes of adding a driveway, sidewalk or drain line. This solution is a permanent alternative to painting the address number, and holds more historical significance to Houston than a Texan's logo (*Missing the Oilers :-(  ) 

Can you do custom colors? I went to A&M and want Maroon on White!

Yes, BUT, not in or around Houston. The Blue and White tiles are historically significant to Houston, and we do not intend to dilute that image. If you live in or around College Station, I'll gladly have a couple Maroon on White Mosaics and make the trip to install. Call or Email for more info. 

Would you speak at HOA meetings or other community functions?

Sure! Send me an email or call me! Eric@curbappealblues.com 713 296 0656

I'm having new curbs put in, can I have the concrete contractors pour the recesses into the curb, and get you to install the tiles for a price less than the full curb prep/install pricing advertised?

Yes, I've done several of these projects, BUT!

1) They don't look as good as when we prepare the curb.  

2) If the preparation isn't the correct width or height, you might incur additional curb preparation charges.  

3) They just don't look as good.

4) You invest all this dough into a new curb, let us provide our full installation service to get you the smooth, flush mount look. 

5) They really don't look as good! 

Does this effect drainage?

No, the shape, function and profile of the curb do not change. 

What are your recommendations for installation location?

We will work with you to help determine where it looks best for your home and where the best section of curb is for the installation.

Corner homes we suggest ordering the Address # and Street Name and installing near the corner on the appropriate street. 

Non-corner homes: With Mail Box, it may work best inline with mail box. With no mail box, inline with the front door or center of home. With a 'U' Shape drive, in the middle of the 'U'.

We will not install over large cracks in the curb, or across expansion joints.  

What if my street number is already painted on the curb? Can you remove it?

We typically carry spray-on paint remover. We can get usually 50-90% of the old paint off. After a chemical removal the remaining paint is damaged and will weather off quickly. 

What maintenance does this require? Cleaning?

Keep the area swept and clear of debris and standing water. If it gets scuffed by a tire, use a scrub brush and mild cleanser/de-greaser to remove the scuff. If your curb gets mechanical damage from something hitting it, please contact us and we can look at options and quote repair depending on the extent of the damage. 

How durable are the tiles?

The tiles are flush mounted into the curb, secured with structural adhesive, and grouted in place. The tiles will typically last as long as the concrete in the curb. 

Our curb is damaged, can you repair our curb during the install?

Nope. We're not good at that, there are plenty of people that are.

I have original tiles from the 40's that are damaged, can you repair them?

It's likely that too many are missing or the curb is damaged and the full mosaic and or cub would need replacing. Feel free to contact us with pictures and we may be able to come up with a solution. Typically the solution is full replacement. 

What's the answer to life, the universe and everything?


What could go wrong with the installation?

There are many challenges we encounter during the installation process. We are working in an imperfect environment with imperfect materials. Our tools and process are designed to maintain the structural integrity of the curb during the preparation process. We also have tools and processes to ensure that the tiles lay flat and in perfect alignment. Sometimes there are one or two that stick up further than the rest or get slightly misaligned in during the installation. While we do our best to prevent this, we cannot guarantee that your curb will be without some 'character.' Crooked or slightly raised tiles do not impact the durability of the installation. We come prepared for almost everything. I did have an early installation that failed during grouting - I was left with a bucket full of little mosaic pieces. I explained to the customer what happened, and my path of resolving the situation. I cleaned up the curb, and too the pieces home and pieced them back together that night. The following day, I showed up and completed a successful installation. In the end, this failure resulted in an improved process that improved quality and a change in consumables which improved adhesion time, strength and consistency. Overcoming this momentary embarrassment resulted in some great quality and efficiency improvements! 

Professionals will tell you that things can go wrong; if and when they do, the professional will identify the problem, present and execute a solution. This is how we operate. Our proprietary tools and processes are designed to optimize the success of the installation, we are the best at what we do!


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